Book X-Change

Building a virtual tool to swap books.

Expertise Provided

Brand Strategy
Backend Architecure


Web, iOS, Android


Angular, Express, Mongo, js.Node

Book X-Change is a platform aimed at students, which makes finding textbooks a whole lot easier.

All student once in their lives must have faced the issue with how they can purchase used books or how they can offload their stash. In the traditional way there is no easy way, or streamlined process that makes it easier and more convenient.

We have built a university specific web and mobile application that allows students to easily register (restricted to university users), and engage in a secure marketplace with everything you need to buy or sell.

Driving Design to Delivery

We reduced clutter, and streamlined the whole process. You do not even have to enter the complete Author, Genre settings. Just slowly start typing the book name and our search API will do the rest. Makes a perfect listing everytime. You will however be asked to take a picture of the book and write a brief summary on the condition and other remarks on the book.

User Experience and Wireframing

We sat down with the University of York and disucssed the issues of trading used books, and they acknowldged the benefits of having a centralized application. Ever since we built a design that appeased both them and us. Made for the users by the users.

Good, Simple, Streamlined & Modern in design allows our application to be exactly what our user audience is lookin for (Young Millennials)

We created a system that allowed us to efficiently wireframe 150+ screens, for a complete & thorough user experience.

The Tech Behind the Scenes

Using the MEAN stack we were able to make a powerful application that scales quick and allows for a feature rich platform that was built wisely with purpose.

A scalable AWS solution that has a cetralized API that feeds to both web, admin, and react native mobile applications. Fluid in terms of Touch, Advance in terms of Technology.

Why settle for less when you can have the best tech and design team creating your next project?

The Outcome

A solution so simple and beautiful to use that students were raving about how simple it was to now buy or sell their book. We are still working on what else users would like, but our beta test was quite successful.

We are looking to launch our first solid iteration on Nov 1, 2018 and then draft for other schools starting Dec 1, 2018.

The Future

An end to end learning platform that streamlines the inneficiences and problems that exists in the platforms that exists today. By closely listening to our users we will devise of a solution like none other.

Technical advancements and the addition of Machine Learning will allow us to create a learning system from the future that will be tailored customly to the different types of students that exists today.

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