Things your business could be doing during COVID-19

3 Things your business can do during COVID-19

How your business can THRIVE while supporting the fight against COVID-19

By now, you’ve probably settled into your home – work environment for what feels like years. You’ve set up your new workstation and online presence. You’ve figured out how to communicate with your customers and employees online. You’ve developed a daily routine that keeps you in sane (for the most part).

And yet, you’re wondering… Now that my business is fully functional from home (for the most part) what else could I be doing for my business?

Here are some practical things that help bring out the humanity of you, and your brand, in a time when the world is unstable and consumers are on edge.

1. Offer Something to Your (potential) Customers

Product trial -> Product Adoption

Now is not the time to be pushing your product or service point blank to businesses or consumers. While many businesses and individuals are negatively impacted by the economic downturn, people are looking for help and not necessarily a new purchase. Ask yourself, how can your business provide expertise and support to those in need. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to reach out and see what people need help with.

Couple fantastic examples from companies offering their services at a discount during this time:

LINKEDIN empowered their employees to offer 6 months of premium for free to select individuals in their network. These could be individuals struggling to find work – or economically impacted by the Coronavirus. (source: @Linkedin)

Why this works:
LinkedIn understands that employees make the best salespeople for any company. Allowing employees to offer this gesture of goodwill not only improves company morale, but also market sentiment towards their platform.

SHOPIFY extended their new user trial to from 14 days to 90 days. (source: @shopify)

Why this works?
A lot of direct-to-consumer businesses are forced to move their services online at this time in order to generate cash flow. Some of these businesses will face uncertainty as to how consumers will respond. Allowing a longer trial runway helps alleviate some of the business costs for the end user and could result in adoption in the long term for Shopify.

2. Celebrate and help incentivize ‘social distancing’ with your brand

Pivot Brand Messaging

Is there a way to stay top of mind for consumers – and at the same time – promote the social good of “stay home”? Your product or service might not be fully utilized at the moment, but it doesn’t mean that your marketing messages should stay silent. In fact, a survey by Media Post showed that consumers are interested in how your brand is supporting the fight against Coronavirus and the actions your company is taking.

Couple fantastic examples of companies that are utilizing their brand to promote social good:

POPEYES is giving a Netflix username and password to 1,000 customers who tweet a picture of their at-home fried chicken order with the hashtag #ThatPasswordFromPopeyes (source: @adweek)

COCA-COLA utilized its Times Square placement to promote social distancing. Taking their (underutilized) brand asset and adapting a positive community message generates positive brand sentiment and consumer interaction. Case in point, we’re talking about a Times Square billboard here on the Internet. (Source: @adage)

3. Adapt your existing business model to help

This applies to all businesses and requires some thought and creativity. If you can turn your place of business around to support the fight against COVID-19, you are both supporting social good AND making money in a time where consumption of goods has shifted. Not to mention, this generates positive brand sentiment.

Couple of fantastic examples of companies that have shifted their business models to help fight the Coronavirus.

NIKE and GAP announced recently it will start producing facemasks for healthcare workers. (Source: Adage)

ANHEUSER-BUSCH shifted some of their production facilities from making alcoholic beverages to hand sanitizer. (Source: New York Times )

What are some other ways that businesses could grow AND support the fight against COVID-19 right now? Comment below or send us a message to chat further.