DIGITALLY UPGRADING A 4000+ Member Community

The San Francisco Association of Realtors represents over 4000+ members in one of the most competitive US realtor markets. The association provides informational updates, events, and governmental support to its members.


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01. The Challenge

Redefining A 4000 Member Community

The San Francisco Association of Realtors® (SFAR) approached Lifted Solutions to re-design and code their outdated, cluttered web presence. In addition to providing a clean, streamlined, and easy-to-use experience, Lifted Solutions consolidated decades of information to make them more easily accessible for members.

02. The Solution

Rebuilding an Entire Infrastructure.

The initial thought process going into this project was to figure out a way to keep their infrastructure intact while revamping the key components of the site, such as a homepage that details other aspects of the site, an updated calendar module for upcoming events, staff and associated partners information and better realized news and media page.


“We’ve worked with other agencies before, but when it came to relaunching our website and executing new marketing oppurtunities, Lifted was the perfect partner”

Walter T. Baczkowski

Chief Executive Officer | SFAR

03. The Visulas

Bold & Minimal Style Approach.

We decided it was best to stick with current trends and incorporate a flat design interface style, which emphasizes minimum use of elements, clean and bold typography and simple colors, allowing the interface to be more streamlined and efficient.

Also since a rebrand wasn’t a necessity with SFAR with them already being so well established, we opted to simply implement the company’s current color pallete; which consists of a royal purple and a soft orange, through out the site.

04. The Outcome

Phase One Complete.

It is a certain point that many people reach a logical conclusion that their website needs a fresh start to get off the ground. In this growing age of technology looking up a company’s website has become a norm, which is way of communication in making the right impression and giving visitors a reason to comeback. With SFAR it was only right that we implement a refresh to the company’s site and keeping up with the change in technology.

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