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Business Health Audit

We help you better understand the state of your business and the drivers of performance. This in-depth audit comprises all aspects of your business including financial, promotions, digital properties, customers, competitors, technology, product market fit, and human capital. We identify risk areas or issues that may be deterring you from achieving your business goals. We provide your team with the necessary tools to scale your business and help transition the process
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Competitive Analysis

We help you see exactly where you stand when compared to the competition. This comprehensive analysis takes you from 10,000 feet brand perspective of your business all the way to a detailed view of your competitors. We identify key moments that win customer experience, market positioning, marketing channel mix, and pricing. We provide you with key opportunities based on observed data, best practices, and tools to stay up-to-date on competitive intelligence.
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Conversion Optimization Audit

We provide you with key insights as to how users are currently converting on your digital property and actionable recommendations for your web and mobile properties. This audit includes a full funnel analysis of your Google Analytics data as well as installation of Hotjar code to observe and record user actions taken on your digital properties. We review the specific goals of your online website or app, key conversion pathways, and top traffic sources.
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Corporate Workshops

We help your get up to speed with the ever changing digital landscape. Programs include technical coding, digital marketing strategy, online advertising, Facebook & Instagram Ads, website optimization and analytics.

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Digital Health Audit

We provide you with a laser-focused view of your business online so you can leverage your company strengths and manage the weaknesses. The audit provides a thorough review of your digital property via Google Analytics data, user heat map recordings, and user journey from online advertising to crm to shipment. We utilize industry benchmarks and metrics to provide clear actionable insights.
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For tech startups with strong leadership and secured capital, we consider investment models that help you scale rapidly and give us a stake in the solution we build together.

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