Creating a sales management tool.

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Brand Strategy
Backend Architecure




React Native, Phoenix, Blockchain

Home Accents is a furniture store with great prices, stylish furnishing and home decor.

Inventory management continues to play a critical role in the success of any business or organization and the deeper problem lies within finding the true balance of inventory which, if done correctly can become pivotal in success.

The main challenge with this project was to create a Point of Sale and Inventory Management System to control, manage and research all items sold by Home Accents, thus allowing a better and more precise grasp in store products.

Through streamlined designs, we built a user-centric web-portal that implements an easy and logical booking system which allows users to manage their booking times and have accesss to custom client-defined preferences.

The Build: User Experience and Wireframing

We sat down with the University of York and disucssed the issues of trading used books, and they acknowldged the benefits of having a centralized application. Ever since we built a design that appeased both them and us. Made for the users by the users.

Good, Simple, Streamlined & Modern in design allows our application to be exactly what our user audience is looking for (Young Millennials).

We created a system that allowed us to efficiently wireframe 150+ screens, for a complete & thorough user experience.

Branding: Logo & Identity

The initial stage for this project was to develop a logo, based on design briefs provided by the client and research we conducted, we let our ideas come to fruition. Branding played an influential role and was an imperative component in the creative web and application design process, in terms of style and colour palette to ensure best user experience.

The challenge was to reflect JanMasters’ friendly and easy-to-use service. It was in our best interest to stick to a bolded and scripted type, and utilized a strong green to convey the brand as an environmentally-friendly initiative. After multiple experimenting with the logo we finally were able to deliver the final sample from the previous iterations and mockups of how this modern brand would be represented.

The Future

With the mobile application still in early phases of development, future iterations for the web application will contain a Reward Based Point System, Affliate Refferals and a greater collection of enviornmentally-friendly products.