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Expertise Provided

Brand Strategy
Backend Architecure


iOS, Android


Swift, Java

Saltmates connects users within proximity to Earth's beautiful bodies of water.

Saltmates is a community of people who enjoy living the Ocean Lifestyle and engaging in beach related activities! Meet fascinating people wherever you are, and join the first social media platform dedicated to helping Ocean Conservation!

Pivoting away from a dating application for people by the ocean, Saltmates needed to be designed into a more diverse social platform where users come together to connect and engage in events and community initiatives.

Driving Design to Delivery

All interfaces should be user centric, simplifying the whole experience and providing a stunning design that actually promotes engagement & discovery. We were astonished at the feedback of our early control group and we kept iterating until we were content.

The Build: User Experience and Wireframing

It took a solid month getting all the mobile designs for approval from the rest of the team, once done we knew exactly what to develop & the flow of all our services. We divided everything into milestones and off to the sprints we went!

Building in native environments for both iPhone & Android made some additional work but allowed us to capture a more intuitive expierence from start to finish.

Over 150+ screens to completely define the user experience in a visual format prior to development.

Visual and Interface Design

Once the strategy had been fully configured, we moved into a rapid design sprint which consisted of wireframing and prototyping. At the same time user research and testing ensured our hypothesis were valued by our targeted audience.

With full creative control, we redesigned the application with a brighter colour pallet that incorporates modern blues with a clean white backdrop. This creates a sleek design that further reflects the ocean itself.

Encouraging time on application, furthering engagement and boosting the active user rate.

Connect with Ocean Lovers,
wherever you are.

The Outcome

A platform for people by the ocean and other bodies of water that enjoy social media and are looking to grow their network, love life or attend more events relevant to them.

The wonderful design & fluid development attracts a high user engagement time and allows for people coming back and discovering other creative aspects. We are always learning & refining.

The Future

As Saltmates continues to evolve, we envision the addition of nearby events integration, sponsored content, and shifting a focus towards helping ocean conservation related not-for-profits.

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